Godly Governance Training in Bor, South Sudan

Satan was working overtime to undermine the Godly Governance and Administration training in Bor, South Sudan last month.

  • We had serious cash flow issues for the funding of the training which delayed purchasing of supplies.
  • We had many trainees tell us they could not come due to the cost of the transportation to the training.
  • We bought a cow to butcher and then someone “out of the blue” came and claimed that the cow was his and the seller had no right to sell it and that argument continued until the evening before.
  • This delayed the butchering of the cow until the day of the training, forcing the cooks to do double duty resulting in the lunch being ready at 3:30 in the afternoon!
  • Then the night before the 2nd day, several severe lightning storms hit and flooded everything everywhere, and the only way the participants could come was by foot because the roads were so muddy.

We were concerned that the flooding would reduce attendance that day, yet they came—in even larger numbers than the first day!

dan teaching“I am not a great public speaker, but when I got up in front of all the officials from the various ministries of the state government (the most populated and largest state) and the pastors and lay leaders and also the NGOs, I felt empowered. I knew it was because many people were praying, and therefore the training went well.”

Since this was a train the trainer program we were quite pleased to have had a number of requests for flash drive downloads of the PowerPoint presentation.  Dan gave out an evaluation form, and the main comment was that the training should have been a week long instead of only two days. All the ratings were split halfway between excellent and good—except one neutral rating from the person who was sleeping in class.

Praise God for the impact of His word on this new country and new government!