Pre-Field Progress

2015 10 16 Prefield chartGetting ready to move to East Africa and serve under Pioneers is a process. After all, it is a big move and everyone wants to make sure we are ready and equipped to do our best and faithfully serve for many years to come. This stage of the Janzen Journey is all about getting ready. This past month we’ve completed our pre-field counseling¬†and all of our reading assignments. We continue to work on language and cultural studies and have begun the big project of getting rid of our accumulation of stuff.

Some of our pre-field activities aren’t on our requirement list, but are all part of learning to live without the conveniences we are used to. One thing Teresa learned recently was how to cut hair. Dan had learned that finding a barber that knows how to cut straight hair can be a challenge in East Africa, so with the help of YouTube, Teresa gave it a shot.

One of the blessings of international work is learning to value the time with loved ones when you have it.This is a time to create memories with friends and family. Teresa and her mom recently took an afternoon picnic cruise on the Grand Lady Riverboat. Today is Dan’s birthday, so we are gathering as many of the kids as possible–knowing that this could be the last time we can do this for quite some time.

Some of the big items left on our pre-field list you can pray for are:

  • Support raising – we’ll have an update on this soon.
  • Team building – we have a nice prayer team in place, but still need to find a team leader for our RACE team. We also still need to find one person/family to join us on the field.
  • Security Training – we have this scheduled for November.
  • Commissioning
  • Final clearance and departure