Christmas Wish List

I remember when I was a child, I’d make a Christmas wish list hoping for just the right gift to open on Christmas morning. Then I grew up and I made lists for all the people I wanted to give to – and I really like that more. Now it seems I’m back to making a wish list–not just for Christmas, but for any time before we depart.

We are getting ready for the big move in about 6 months. Our primary focus is on getting rid of stuff we don’t need or can’t take to South Sudan. Family members have started asking about what we do need as we think about setting up house in South Sudan, so I made an Amazon wish list.

We’re really focused on three categories: necessities, minimal comfort, and ministry. We may keep adding to this as we figure out what we really need and can’t get in-country. If you want to partner with our ministry in South Sudan in this way, you can find the  wish list here.