Current Needs

Your prayers are a vital part of this ministry. Please check back often to see the updated list of things that are on our heart.


  • We arrived safely – all luggage intact – and have been warmly received by the village.
  • The Primary School finished their first year well.
  • We safely burned the grass from the Secondary School compound.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for safety and security in the area.
  • Pray as we begin renovations on the Secondary School compound.
  • Pray for the shipping container, scheduled to arrive in mid-January

We’d like to pray for you too. Please email your prayer requests to:

Wish List

Work Teams

We’d love to have some teams begin to plan to come and serve with us on a short term basis. If your church or group would like to consider coming to help, please email us at for more information.

Possible projects include:

  • Installation of a soccer field
  • Repairing the fence and planting a living fence
  • Vision clinic (no training needed)
  • Short-term teaching opportunities
  • Medical/Dental clinic

Chemistry Lab equipment:

We are looking for all sorts of lab equipment to outfit a chemistry lab.  I am particularly looking for microscopes.  A dream come true would be for distillation equipment since we can distill essential oils to assist start-up local businesses.  As agriculturalist I could see essential oil production as a great opportunity for the most rural areas where the cost of getting a product out to market impedes all but the highest value-added agricultural production.  We also would like to be able to do basic medical laboratory analysis so we can train medical lab-techs or “bare-foot doctors”/midwives in basic lab skills that appropriate for rural environments.  This could save a lot of lives.
Woodshop and metalshop tools:
We are planning on having a few items for maintenance which could double as tools to train some basic skills in metal and wood working skills.  I also envision that parents or students may make their own desks or be able to purchase one from a local producer who may “rent” the tools or the toolshop to bring in income for the school and stimulate local businesses.