Dan and Teresa Janzen, are appointees with Pioneers and preparing to move to East Africa in 2016. The objective is to work with communities to initiate development programs that strengthen individuals, families and communities and enable them to reach out to their neighbors with the information they’ve learned.

Dan uses his skills in agriculture and teaching to bring biblical principles to everyday work. His agricultural training entitled, “Biblical Stewardship” is always well attended as he’s taught it in villages across Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. Dan also teaches an innovative course to government leaders. This curriculum is based on the book, “Poverty of Nations”, and is already beginning to inspire young leaders to rethink their methods and motivations.

Teresa uses Simply the Story oral Bible study method to teach principles relevant to everyday life. She can often be found sharing a Bible story under a tree with women and children in the village. She is also certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and looks forward to establishing English classes for adults and children in the village.

Dan and Teresa also plan to help re-open the local school in their village as a Christian boarding school. They will work with each family with options that will enable any local family, regardless of income, to be able to enroll their children in school and prepare them for a better future. Children and families will learn agricultural techniques that will not only allow them to pay for school-related expenses, but also increase income and food availability for the entire family.

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